Blue House Coffee

435 N 5th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85004

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We start our mornings earlier than most, riding a 400-pound bicycle through the streets of the Phoenix, Arizona, the Valley of the Sun. Curious pedestrians pepper us with inquiries, including “is that a coffee grinder?” and “does your bicycle have a sink?” We welcome their interest and proudly explain how specialty coffee is our way to put a mark on our community.

Blue House Coffee began in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2012, where we roasted out of the eponymous Blue House. It moved to Tempe, home of Arizona State University, later that year, where our goal was to transform empty street corners into social hubs. Coffee is more than a drink; it fuels social interconnection and brightens morning rituals. Little does each customer know how much goes into each drink, from persuading city councils for permits, our farmers hand-picking only ripe coffee cherries, late-night bicycle repairs and the scientific attention behind roasting and brewing. 


While at ASU, we secured an Edson Entrepreneurial grant to establish relationships with coffee farmers and create more mobile coffee carts. For Blue House, the coffee business is a vehicle to improve our community and connect with others, both next door and around the world. 

Just like a pedal stroke, every day we push ourselves in our quest to provide the perfect service and create the perfect cup. We are unwavering in the pursuit to introduce a cold-brew café in the Garfield Neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona.



Farmer’s Markets - Blue House Coffee was founded on a mission to enhance our community by offering a unique coffee experience. At local farmers’ markets.  With unique mobile shops, we showcase the best coffees from around the world to large gatherings of people in a fun and low-impact manner.  


Founded By Arizona Natives - We are from Arizona and want to help give Arizona a unique coffee culture. We like to think of Phoenix as the Seattle cold brew, an epicenter where we believe we can encourage customers to explore diversity of cold-brew.


Collaborations - Build the Blue House Coffee brand name by capitalizing on the trend to purchase locally and sustainably. 

Industry Knowledge

Origin - We source directly from a variety of farmers and have travelled to Origin many times.  In order to be the best roasters that we can be, we need to understand the process that beans go through before they enter our roastery. We believe that coffee is a story and getting to know our coffee producers is the first step.

Roaster’s Guild Members - We have been members of the SCA’s Roaster’s Guild since 2016 and value this resource.


Community Awards - We have been recognized by the Phoenix New Times, Arizona State Press, KJZZ, the Arizona Republic, and others for our outstanding cold brew.


Cold Brew - Using nitrogen pressurization and a toddy method, we were the first coffee company in Arizona to serve cold-brew coffee on tap via kegs.  This allows us to keep the iced coffee colder and fresher. It has since been adopted by many other local coffee shops.  


Nitrogen Hot Coffee - Using custom built hyper-insulated kegs and a specialized tap system, we are the only company that we know of that offers nitrogen hot coffee.


Cold Brew Café (Goal winter 2019) - There is an opportunity in the creation of a cold-brew centered café. Espresso is sidelined in favor showcasing Arizona’s Coffee Beverage, a high-quality coffee nectar known as cold-brew concentrate. Cold-brew concentrate is made colder water over a longer period of time, about 20 hours, extracting complex flavors that are decimated during a thirty-second second shot of 200° water with espresso. Cold-brew concentrate is a third less acidic than a traditional cup of coffee, indicating that less milk will need to be used.


Sam - CEO and Co-Founder

Our fearless leader Sam founded Blue House Coffee Goods with his old friend Nick in late 2012. Since then, a lot has changed, but his vision for locally-roasted, mobile specialty coffee remains the same. Currently studying medicine at the University of Arizona - Phoenix, he is delicately placing his caffeinated baby in the arms of the team. Does Sam ever sleep? Of course not, because there’s always a new cup to drink and a new ride to embark on.

Jordan - Manager of Market Delivery

Jordan is an old high school friend of Sam’s who joined the Blue House team in our early days. Between his strong work ethic and being the only man who could grow a full beard at 20, Jordan stood out immediately at the original coffee cart on ASU’s campus. An avid outdoorsman, he and Sam have brought our beans on adventures far and wide in pursuit of righteous #wildernesscoffee. In addition to his position with Blue House, Jordan is a sales team leader at Carvana.

Megan - People Manager

Megan is another relatively new addition to the team, coming in as utility woman to help wherever needed. Now, she manages people operations and oversees shop at our Phoenix Public Farmers’ Market location. Standing at 6’1 and always wearing a smile, you can’t miss her. Megan is also an art teacher at ASU Preparatory Academy, molding young minds every day. She also may or may not be providing your children with premium specialty coffee.

Nick - Advisor and Co-Founder

Nick was still too wet behind the ears to drink when he and Sam created Blue House - right in the middle of his sophomore year at Arizona State. What he lacked in years, he possessed in passion to bring a unique coffee experience to the university’s campus, all the while working towards his degree in economics. Nowadays, Nick lives and works in San Francisco as a sales manager at Checkr, a background check startup. Given all of this, you realize Nick does not suffer fools.

Spencer - Director of Operations


Spencer joined the Blue House team in early 2017 as the company expanded its operations to three farmers’ markets. Quickly becoming a market manager, he is also our in-house roaster, transforming our coffees from raw green beans to their more familiar appearance here in downtown Phoenix. Also a painter whose work is shown across the country, Spencer treats each roast as his canvas. Don’t worry, you won’t pick up wet paint tasting notes on your own palette.

Jayson - Shop Manager and Chief Bean Counter

Jayson is responsible for managing our brand new brick and mortar in downtown Phoenix!  He's new to Blue House, but is an expert in coffee and cafe management.  Over the past 6 years Jayson has made a name for himself as a pillar at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus community by running successful catering events and serving up coffee to the future health professionals and doctors of our nation. Jayson is a rockstar cafe manager, accountant and moviegoer - we're lucky to have him!