How You Can Partner With Us to Help Our Community

As MLK stated, “Riots are the language of the unheard”.

We at Blue House Coffee witnessed this in action in our Garfield Neighborhood this weekend where there were numerous arrests on Sunday evening. Several people were even hiding on our property, fleeing from teargas and pepper spray closer to the city center. It is clear to us that the majority of these people are not looters taking advantage of the chaos but are expressing their feelings of powerlessness to injustices that occur daily and were distilled on video by the murder of George Floyd.

What can we do as a coffee roasting operation? What are the mechanisms that we can use to show we are allies with this movement? How can we empower those among us? We at Blue House are passionate about creating a sustained voice for change.

We are passionate about increasing voter turnout in Arizona and increasing the powers of the individuals to create change, both locally and nationally.

That’s why we are donating to Arizona Advocacy Network, an initiative in Arizona devoted to defending and deepening Arizona’s commitment to democracy via voter registration. We believe the cornerstones of a vibrant democracy are meaningful voting rights and access to the ballot, political decisions driven by voters instead of money, and a fair and independent judiciary.

We need to make it easier to be heard. We need to make it easier to understand how to make effective change through our democracy.

In addition to our donation, if you donate to the Arizona Advocacy Network and message us, we will match your donation.

We ask all our followers, most of whom are young and, statistically speaking, do not fully realize their powers at the polls to vote and carry this fire you have right now to the ballot box. Carry that fire and light the torches of young friends around you. If each of us texts 2 friends and have them pledge to vote with you, this is an amazing contribution.

Want to learn more about elections coming up and which local representatives are running? Want to register to vote?

Here is a link to a non-partisan commission created by voters that educates voters, provides campaign funding and enforces campaign finance rules and laws. This link is awesome and will allow you to register to vote, or even give you information on how to run for office yourself.

Give a voice to those unheard. Vote and make it easier for others to do so too. Let’s go.


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