What is the Right Cold Brew Subscription for You?

At Blue House, we offer a cold brew subscription service that provides freshly made cold brew at your door weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Besides the variation of frequency, we also offer two different options: ready-to-drink cold brew and cold brew concentrate.

Today, we’re going to help you narrow down which type of cold brew subscription is best for you!

What's the difference between ready-to-drink cold brew and cold brew concentrate?

Ready-to-drink cold brew is just as it sounds. You simply pour it out of the bottle and drink it (adding milk and sugar if desired). If you order the ready-to-drink cold brew, you would receive a 64-ounce bottle.

In contrast, cold brew concentrate can be prepared in all sorts of ways. The best description of the concentrate is that it is like the cold brew version of espresso. You can drink it as is for a boost of caffeine, dilute it to get the typical cold brew, or add milk to create something comparable to an iced latte. If you order this concentrate, you would receive a 32-ounce bottle.

Based on these descriptions, you can decide which type of cold brew is best for you. We’ll also ask a couple of questions to help you further figure out which is the right choice for you.

Do you typically drink the same thing every morning or do you like to switch it up?

If you like the same thing daily, you can't go wrong with the regular ready-to-drink cold brew. But if you like to get creative and try new drinks out, then the cold brew concentrate will be the right choice for you. There are endless variations, between the strength of the coffee dilution and the add-ins such as milk and sugar

Do you drink cold brew plain or enjoy it with milk?

While you can always add milk to our ready-to-drink cold brew if desired, we suggest our cold brew concentrate for those who consistently add milk to their cold brew. With the concentrate, you won’t lose as much of the strength of the coffee flavor when adding milk into it. It’s the difference between an iced coffee with milk versus an iced latte. Both are good, so at the end of the day it boils down to your preferences. However, generally, we recommend the cold brew concentrate if you plan to add milk consistently.

Do you prefer espresso drinks or drip coffee?

The ready-to-drink cold brew mirrors the characteristics of drip coffee and the cold brew concentrate mirrors the characteristics of espresso drinks. So, if you prefer drip coffee, we recommend the ready-to-drink cold brew. If you prefer espresso drinks, we suggest the cold brew concentrate.

Are you the only one drinking it or are you sharing with others?

Each bottle of cold brew concentrate will last longer than each bottle of ready-to-drink cold brew. That being said, for those of you sharing with others, we suggest the cold brew concentrate. The concentrate will also cater to the preferences of multiple people, as it can be prepared as a typical cold brew or in other fashions.

Do you normally just run out the door in the mornings or do you take your time?

Both variations of the cold brew subscription are quick in the mornings, but if you truly just run out of the door in the mornings we suggest the ready-to-drink cold brew because there is no preparation involved. With the cold brew concentrate, you can prepare it in a couple of different ways, so it is better for those with more relaxed mornings.

How much coffee do you drink?

Once you decide what type of cold brew you'd like to receive, you also need to decide the frequency you'll receive it. The frequency of deliveries will simply depend on your cold brew intake. If you drink cold brew more than anyone you know, perhaps weekly deliveries will suit you. If you enjoy cold brew but don’t drink it quite as much, perhaps the biweekly/monthly deliveries will be your cup of tea (or your cup of joe).

Once you've decided what will be the best fit for you, click here to sign up for your subscription! Just remember, don’t worry too much about these decisions, because you can always switch it up between deliveries and try something different!


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