Blue House has partnered with the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix (UACOMP) to help foster the coffee industry in Dominican Republic and provide eyecare to rural clinics there.


The name of this coffee translates to “Give me light”, representing the warm culture of the Dominican Republic and the cause behind these beans. All of the proceeds from this coffee support the UACOMP’s Global Health Interest Group mission to provide eyecare to rural Dominican Republic on a consistent basis.


Grown in the high-altitude forests of the Cordillera Central mountains, the coffee ripens slowly and offers the farmers and workers in this region a better-than-fair-trade livelihood. During our visit to the coffee farm, we were surprised to see that the coffee was shade grown under a canopy of Hispaniola pine, banana, macadamia and guava trees. The coffee is delicious with a gentle flavor of citrus followed by a rounded nuttiness. It’s a very well-rounded coffee and will likely appeal to all types of coffee drinkers.


This world-class Dominican coffee will not only support the UACOMP Global Health Program but will also help build up an industry that can cultivate socioeconomic well-being for many, including the men, women and children from the batey (a sugar cane village pronounced "Bah-Tay") needing economic stability and healthcare. This coffee will bring joy to your day and help generate a future of economic security, health and wellness to the great people of our partner community.

Dame Luz - Dominican Single Origin

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