Flavor Notes: Creamy Body, Kumquat, Savory, Juicy Acidity.

Process: Washed, Dried on raised beds

Variety: Arusha, Mundo Novo, Typica
Region: Kainantu, Eastern Highlands
Altitude: 1,420–1,600


The Papua New Guinea Timuza is produced by a group of certified farmers within the Timuza cooperative, a group that consists of 207 coffee families who together farm 274 hectares. The soil is rich with volcanic ash, the weather is hot and wet year-round, and the coffee is shaded by Casuarina and Albizia vegetation. This co-op is also audited for its Organic certification each spring. The coffee is hand-picked, hand pulped, washed in clean river water, dried in the sun and delivered as parchment to the receiving station, where it’s machine-hulled and polished.

Organic Papua New Guinea Timuza


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