We travel to origin and buy 50% of our coffee directly from farmers. Many of our coffees are not available anywhere else on earth. We believe that coffee is a story and getting to know our coffee producers is the first step. 


We hand roast our beans and bring their flavors to life. There are over 1500 aromatic or flavor producing compounds in coffee and accentuating these flavors is our main goal in this process.


"The Roastmaster"

Spencer joined the Blue House team in early 2017 as the company expanded its operations to three farmers’ markets. Quickly becoming a market manager, he is also our in-house roaster, transforming our coffees from raw green beans to their more familiar appearance here in downtown Phoenix. Spencer is a painter whose work is shown across the country, and he also treats each roast as his canvas. Don’t worry, you won’t pick up wet paint tasting notes on your own palette.

Blue House Coffee

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